about me

ik pasfoto
Hello, I am a storyteller.

For 25 years now I have been a counselor and people asked my advice when they where in difficult situations. And so I learned that every person is different and every situation is unique, but what we all have in common is our hope and search for happiness and prosperity.
Myths, fairy tales and legends are all stories about this search.

They tell you that happiness is not naturally there. On the contrary, they tell you that you have to leave the old situation and go on a quest. For all the people on this quest, I created the Fairy Tales Live Cards which are a type of oracle cards that help you find your way when what you perceive in the world around you is misleading. For example, when you are told that you have to do this or that or when you are advised not to take a certain risk, then you can draw a card to receive guidance and clarification on the situation.

I painted the cards and wrote the text in Dutch at first. Later a translation was made into English.