Fairy Tales

Fairy tales as a guide to the source of creativity

Myth and Fairy tales invite you to try your  fortune. These stories often start with letting go the familliar and invariably tell you that the way to happiness is a difficult one. In Fairy Tales Live the fairy tales are considered as illustrations of the themes which accompany the way to happiness. The thread being followed is the proces of creativity. Starting from its source – inspiration – to the point of its happening.

Fairy Tales Live consist of six fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty, The little Mermaid, The Frogprince, Cinderella, The Wildman and The Table, the Ass and the Stick.

Every fairy tale is divided in four cards, symbolizing the four steps of the process of creation.

1 You have a concept
2 The material or the surroundings in which you want to express yourself offers resistance
3  This dynamic makes your creation grow
4  The result

Looking at it this way, we dance our lives to a four four, like a polka. Everyone dances his or hers own unique polka, but the steps are always the same.