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card 1

Without greeting anyone, even without looking at anyone, she exclaimed loudly: 'When the princess is sixteen years old, she shall prick herself with a spindle and die.'

The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty shows how birth and death belong together. When a child grows up and reaches for its own thread of life, childhood will die with it's dependence. If you cannot cope with that you will fall asleep, dream of a mature life and wake up only when you are capable of taking responsibility for all your own actions.

Any newborn child is characterized by innocence, but also by ignorance and weakness and so by dependence. A newborn, though, receives the talents to acquire insight in the world and to develop and try its own strength. When the time has come it can stand on its own feet and take its own responsibility, then childhood is gone and has to die. Before that point is reached, though (and this can take a lifetime or even longer), the source of creativity is kept hidden in ones heart. Until that time the adolescent dreams a life for himself while this dream life isn't really of consequence for the developments around him.

This card tells you that for becoming yourself you have to take responsibility. Time of dependency is over.