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card 2

You will have to suffer a lot of pain. With every step it will feel as if your feet are treading on sea urchins and you have to forfeit your gorgeous voice.

The story of the Little Mermaid tells us there is no way back when the heart wakes up from its unconscious slumber. When the heart is awakened, a journey across the earth starts leading to love,s perseverance. Even when she is not acknowledged. To follow your heart, when everything seems lost, demands a lot of courage. This, however, brings about the transformation in which love reveals itself.

Searching for that which you are totally devoted to, means to stop expecting somebody else will bring you luck. Searching for the love of your heart means taking a path running counter to the natural way of things, a path without a certain outcome, a solitary path and every step is a painful one.

This card tells you that you are on the way of transformation. Every step will be painful but it will you bring where you want to be.