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card 3

She realized that she could not stab her prince in his heart. Besides, she didn't want to go back to the sea anyway. She flung the knife far away into the sea and then threw herself into the foaming waves.

The story of the Little Mermaid tells us there is no way back when the heart wakes up from its unconscious slumber. When the heart is awakened, a journey across the earth starts leading to love,s perseverance. Even when she is not acknowledged. To follow your heart, when everything seems lost, demands a lot of courage. This, however, brings about the transformation in which love reveals itself.

The sisters: that's you for yourself or for somebody else when you say: 'Forget about it. It won't work. Just accept it the way it is.' Every time you turn away from that which is important to you, or when you're angry because you don't believe in it anymore, you hold the knife in your hand. What are you going to do? You don't want to be confronted with it again, ever, so you cut yourself off. Or do you throw the knife away, whatever consequences? Because, if you use the knife, one thing is for certain: you won't get what you longed for.

To drop the knife is the moment of doing nothing, even when all seems lost. This moment of falling apart and perishing into foam on the sea is a moment of transformation, a going into a new element, the element of the heart. This is also the moment which later often is seen as the moment of heroism. The moment you act as your heart tells you to, while being convinced it means your undoing. A moment of heroism is a moment of relief.

This card tells you not to fight but surrender to your higher self.