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card 4

She heard voices which told her that now she belonged to the element of the soul and she could acquire an eternal soul by doing good deeds.

The story of the Little Mermaid tells us there is no way back when the heart wakes up from its unconscious slumber. When the heart is awakened, a journey across the earth starts leading to love,s perseverance. Even when she is not acknowledged. To follow your heart, when everything seems lost, demands a lot of courage. This, however, brings about the transformation in which love reveals itself.

It takes time to transform the body to the frequencies of the heart. The body lives and moves by acting. Deeds which are in harmony with the world of the heart, slowly familiarize your body to this element. Then your body can go through the alchemistic process of turning from lead into gold. In time the ability to love unconditionally develops, so you can live at the source of creativity.

This card tells you you are on the way to higher frequencies. It will take time but the higher spirits will help you.