fairytales defenition page

card 1

When you said: 'Table, cover yourself', the table was at once covered with the finest of dishes, anything one might wish for, and everything was replenished until everybody was satisfied.

The table, the ass and the stick is a fairy tale in which is described how we have to develop three skills to use our creative powers in a practical way. The skill to wish, the skill to give and the skill to refuse.

The talent to wish and fulfill wishes is something which is part of our nature. How we have to wish is described in many fairy tales. You have to imagine the wish as tangible as possible, you have to speak out the wish and concentrate on it. Fairytales also tell of what will happen if the wish is thoughtless. That is, wishing without realizing the consequences of it. Instead of living with a wishing-table, we live in a culture of reason. At the inn, where we temporarily live, but where we do not really belong, we learn to be sensible and to adjust to someone else's wishes. To wish something for ourselves is detestable and not done.

This false thought has made us lose the energy for the realization of our wishes. Even worse: this thought has made us forget to wish! Still we all try all together, harder and with more efficiency, to make things true which nobody desires and which make nobody any happier. And even then we are surprised we are living in such an unpleasant world. A world we do not wish at all!

This card tells you it is the right moment to wish. Visualize your wish as clear as you can. If possible with sounds and smells.