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The boy put the ass on a cloth and said: 'Bricklebrit'. And then the ass spit out gold pieces.

The table, the ass and the stick is a fairy tale in which is described how we have to develop three skills to use our creative powers in a practical way. The skill to wish, the skill to give and the skill to refuse.

Right from childhood, we have learnt we have no right to want, neither to wish for ourselves, that we have to give whatever anybody else asks from us, whether we possess it or not. To give something you don't have, is unfeasible of course, therefore children have to be very clever to pretend to give or promise to give whatever is asked for: if... then... An 'if ... then ...' proposal is a trick to not have to deliver, to keep something in reserve. As long as we are negotiating, nothing happens. Saving up and not delivering, blocks the flow of life.

With the gold we connect to other people and join them. Then we are able to do and experience things which we are unable to realize individually. Together we are more than the sum of all separate parts. It depends where and to whom we connect to whether these connections are fruitful or not. We feel very well whom we want to cooperate with and whom we want to connect to. But here too is an innkeeper and rules of reason: stay where you are, else you are alone, on your own. Connections which aren't connections but obligations. No connection, no energy. Deadly boring, but well, you don't imagine you are allowed to have a better life than other people, do you? Nobody does!

The moment you realize you are committed to wrong connections, you'll discover to have lost all feeling of where and with whom you have to be. We try to think it out, but that, of course, is impossible. We have to practice to feel again, but this gets confusing at first, too. Therefore the fairytale gives us a clue here: the ass spits gold, only when it stands on it's own cloth. Whoever stands on his own legs, is earthed and has a good grip on reality, in short someone who acts of his own will, will find the right connections.