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'Stick, out of the sack!', he shouted and the stick kept beating on the innkeeper's back, until he promised to give back the ass and the table.

The table, the ass and the stick is a fairy tale in which is described how we have to develop three skills to use our creative powers in a practical way. The skill to wish, the skill to give and the skill to refuse.

We are living in a time where we tell each other that it is important to learn to say 'no'. We refer to the ability to refuse. Before you know your time is being consumed by others as a children's day is being consumed by grown-ups. When they reach adolescence, children start to resist this. They become crossgrained and want to sort things out for themselves.

In this period the strength of the body quickly grows and Eros makes the emotional power erupt. It is the time of drifting, being swept away in unpleasant experiences, of being tempted and deceived. These things, combined with the fire of the first love, produce for many people the painful experiences in which the next intention comes into being. 'This won't happen to me again. I won't take part in it anymore. I don't agree with that.' Using reason to prevent something happening, means that the growing emotional energy only can cool down, harden and become icy.

The strength to refuse cannot be converted into the strength to act differently. The power stagnates and life goes on in the illusion of acting differently. The art to refuse doesn't lie in not taking part, but in giving direction to what is being done. Often it takes heroism to speak out the 'hard truth', to do what has to be done. For that one needs his Eros, strength and aggression.