fairytales defenition page

card 1

Stepmother made Cinderella do all the dirty chores and then she shouted: 'ugh, you look filthy, stay in the kitchen and make sure nobody sees you'.

The tale of Cinderella tells us that developing your authenticity or your authentic ideas, originally starts in the cellar between cinders and ashes. Banned by a hostile world, averse to enthusiasm and the holy fire, the patterns of the world must be rearranged carefully. You have to keep the fire burning and to carefully arrange and sort out. That's the job that has to be done before the (brain-)child is recognized and acknowledged.

Everything which comes from the heart, the centre of creativity, has to be developed in a world in which the patterns of the existing culture initially are much stronger. You have to go along with it and you feel your true. Self is being misunderstood, ridiculed and sent away to the darkest spot in the house. But the darkest spot also is the place where the fire is kept burning. Close to the fire, still unnoticed by the surroundings, you do what has to be done.

You make yourself familiar with the material by rearranging and sorting it out, interpreting and re-interpreting. That way you develop understanding and the strength which is needed to give shape to what you produce yourself.

This card tells you to do the work that has to be done. Be aware of you own physical , emotional en mental reactions on what happens. And choose if you want to react like that or get rid of it.