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card 2

Her godmother conjured up a carriage, horses and a magnificent gown. Cinderella looked miraculously beautiful.

The tale of Cinderella tells us that developing your authenticity or your authentic ideas, originally starts in the cellar between cinders and ashes. Banned by a hostile world, averse to enthusiasm and the holy fire, the patterns of the world must be rearranged carefully. You have to keep the fire burning and to carefully arrange and sort out. That's the job that has to be done before the (brain-)child is recognized and acknowledged.

When one is plodding along, it seems as if everybody attends the ball except you. It seems as if everybody knows how to become happy but you are the only one who can't find happiness. Then, always unexpectedly, it happens...

Who will say, where and when, with whom and by whom, the light suddenly turns on and life itself shows in all her goodness, beauty and trueness? But in the beginning it doesn't last long and it is better that way. It's a foretaste of being in the highest frequencies. Your body would be burned down if this would last too long.

This card tells you that you where a moment in the higher realms. It will not last but remember it is there!