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card 3

Then he saw the glass slipper lying on the staircase. He picked it up and it was so beautiful, so very fine and so clear, that he knew for certain it would only fit one girl.

The tale of Cinderella tells us that developing your authenticity or your authentic ideas, originally starts in the cellar between cinders and ashes. Banned by a hostile world, averse to enthusiasm and the holy fire, the patterns of the world must be rearranged carefully. You have to keep the fire burning and to carefully arrange and sort out. That's the job that has to be done before the (brain-)child is recognized and acknowledged.

In heaven time doesn't exist, of course, one forgets about time, but it will announce itself again. Earthly duties call. What to do, when everything has turned back to 'normal'? Mourn about the end of it or realize something has indeed changed?

For Cinderella lost her glass slipper, left on the stairs of the palace. She has left her traces and therefore stays bound to the palace and the prince who finds the slipper. All seems to be lost, but now it is up to the prince to look for her. Whenever an idea is planted, when a spark spreads, it continues without you having to do anything more for it. It will find you again.

This card tells you that maybe everything seems lost, you left a slipper in the higher frequensie realms. You don't have to go after it. It will find you.