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card 2

At last she arrived at an old tower. She climbed the narrow spiral staircase higher and higher. And there, in a small room, sat the thirteenth fairy at a spinning wheel.

The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty shows how birth and death belong together. When a child grows up and reaches for its own thread of life, childhood will die with it's dependence. If you cannot cope with that you will fall asleep, dream of a mature life and wake up only when you are capable of taking responsibility for all your own actions.

As long as the child is dependent, it is no threat to the existing world. Dreams and ideals are staying at the gates. But when the child has grown up and climbs the tower trying to spin its own thread of life, the heavenly fire is aroused but also the opposing forces. The attempt becomes like the flight of Icarus to the sun. The wings turn out to be too delicate; they burn and a painful fall follows. Many seem to give up at that moment. They adjust to the circumstances, behave as they should, but it's all outward appearances. When the powers and insight have grown, many will try again, if the possibility arises.

This card tells you that there is a new opportunity to take your life thread in your own hands.