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card 4

The prince put the slipper on Cinderella's foot and behold, it was a perfect fit! 'And here you have the other one', Cinderella said.

The tale of Cinderella tells us that developing your authenticity or your authentic ideas, originally starts in the cellar between cinders and ashes. Banned by a hostile world, averse to enthusiasm and the holy fire, the patterns of the world must be rearranged carefully. You have to keep the fire burning and to carefully arrange and sort out. That's the job that has to be done before the (brain-)child is recognized and acknowledged.

The secret of the connection between inspiration and realisation is hidden in the feet. Creativity becomes reality on the bottom of the human existence. He, who is standing on this bottom, can independently go his own way. A person, well earthed, can create room for himself and finds anything he needs on his way.

This card tells you In the realm of duality, you brought two parts together.