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He went to the bedroom of his mother the queen, took the key, and set the Wild Man free.

The story of the Wild Man tells about skills to be mastered before inspiration can be turned into some shape. Transformation (cooking), care taking (gardening) and struggling (guarding the borders, chasing away intruders).

Decent people, respectable people do not know of passions. Their passions are locked up in dungeons. Woe, if they would release them! The key to the imprisoned passions lies under the pillow of the mothers who dream of their husband's and children's career and who firmly take care that everybody behaves like they should. Women create order and men have to guard it. When you set out for 'becoming yourself', you will have to refuse to comply with your mother's wishes or those of convention. Not doing what the proper forms ask, is no solution. To do what seems to be good to do, is.