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card 2

His finger hurt more and more. He couldn't stand it any longer and plunged his finger into the cool water of the well.

The story of the Wild Man tells about skills to be mastered before inspiration can be turned into some shape. Transformation (cooking), care taking (gardening) and struggling (guarding the borders, chasing away intruders).

Whoever has found the key to his wild nature, discovers his self and by that, his source of creativity. But to discover the well, to guard the well, to keep out what doesn't belong there, still is too difficult. A long way has to be gone to gain experience. But yet every attempt at the well produces gold. Gold that maybe has to be concealed, but that also is an unmistakable sign of yourself.

This card tells you that often you knew what to do, but you had not the strength to do it. Do not blame yourself, Being aware of the situation is the most important step.