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When the princess came up to her balcony to see from whence the brilliance came, the prince put on his cap in a great hurry. But the princess had already seen his golden hair. She called him and asked for a bouquet of flowers.

The story of the Wild Man tells about skills to be mastered before inspiration can be turned into some shape. Transformation (cooking), care taking (gardening) and struggling (guarding the borders, chasing away intruders).

To recognize the royal origin of someone else is not enough to make a king of this other person. Everybody has to reveal himself as king. To be promoted by someone else, means that someone has the power to judge you. Those are the machineries of the dream world. As long as you don't reveal yourself as king, you aren't one. To become king you will have to be able to guard your borders. You have to be able to get rid of whatever doesn't belong to you.