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card 4

'I am the knight who has won the war for you. I am also the knight who has won the tournament three times and here are the golden apples, which the princess has thrown to me.'

The story of the Wild Man tells about skills to be mastered before inspiration can be turned into some shape. Transformation (cooking), care taking (gardening) and struggling (guarding the borders, chasing away intruders).

The prince is triple victor. The three apples are symbols for his achieved mastery. One apple for the skill of transforming (cooking), one for the skill of development (growing) and one apple for the skill to refuse (chase away intruders). Once he has obtained mastery in these three skills, the prince reveals himself to the world and becomes king. Who has achieved these three skills, owns the mastery to connect inspiration to the wild forces of nature and in this way to bring creativity into action.

Well done!