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card 3

There had already been many princes who had attempted to get through the thorn-hedge, but they got stuck and had sadly perished. Then the young prince said: 'I am not afraid; I want to go there.'

The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty shows how birth and death belong together. When a child grows up and reaches for its own thread of life, childhood will die with it's dependence. If you cannot cope with that you will fall asleep, dream of a mature life and wake up only when you are capable of taking responsibility for all your own actions.

As long as the world of the heart, the inspiration, cannot manifest itself, one lives in his own head. One dreams a reality for himself, illusions without real influence on the existing world. Any attempt to follow your heart perishes like the princes in the hedge. Until the time, necessary to grow and to ripen, is over. Then the way opens naturally.

This card tells you that being yourself means do what you do without having assent from the surrounding first.