fairytales defenition page

card 1

The princess had lost her golden ball and cried and cried and cried. A frog heard the princess crying and asked her what troubled her.

The tale of the Frog Prince is related to the game of creativity. We throw our golden ball, source of creativity, ever higher up in the air until it crosses the bounds of our skills. Then it sinks into the pond, into the unconscious, the unknown. The unknown presents itself in the form of a scary frog. Running away doesn't work; only by taking it up and by refusing the illusion of hostility, the true form reappears and the connection is made again.

People are curious by nature, you want to know, you want to explore the boundaries and you want to know what happens if you cross that line. You throw the ball ever higher, and the adventure gives joy. But then you throw the ball too high, you lose it and you have to venture into the unknown to get it back. 'I wish I never had...', you then sigh, and you remember the former situation as desirable and sometimes even as heavenly. You have lost your golden ball, your joy, your innocence and your ignorance. You cry and cry and cry.

This card tells you that you somehow lost your passion, your self. May be you act 'normal' but inside you feel lonely you cry and cry.