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card 2

She took the ball and without taking any further notice of the frog, she ran back to the castle.

The tale of the Frog Prince is related to the game of creativity. We throw our golden ball, source of creativity, ever higher up in the air until it crosses the bounds of our skills. Then it sinks into the pond, into the unconscious, the unknown. The unknown presents itself in the form of a scary frog. Running away doesn't work; only by taking it up and by refusing the illusion of hostility, the true form reappears and the connection is made again.

You can only get your golden ball back by connecting yourself to the unknown, to that which you experience as not-self. The unknown shows itself as being terrifying. You try to approach it with cleverness, with always enough elbow room, so you can run away if it becomes too scary. You are ready to exchange, but you don't want to become friends. Acting, okay, but without taking any responsibility. You can't keep running away for ever, you can't eternally say 'yes' but not acting to it. One day, truth will be knocking on your door.

This card tells you that you are running away from something essential.