fairytales defenition page

card 1

He lost the battle against the savage waves. He passed out and sank into the sea. The little mermaid dived down and carried the prince to the surface so he could breathe again.

The story of the Little Mermaid tells us there is no way back when the heart wakes up from its unconscious slumber. When the heart is awakened, a journey across the earth starts leading to love,s perseverance. Even when she is not acknowledged. To follow your heart, when everything seems lost, demands a lot of courage. This, however, brings about the transformation in which love reveals itself.

When your deepest desires, wishes and ideas rise to the surface, they often go down in the emotional uproar they bring about. A Love, a passion, can raise many emotions, so that the sea becomes too high, by which you give up and let it be. But sometimes they present themselves again. What do you do then? Are you letting it sink again or do you take it to the surface, for only there it can come to life.

This card tells you that a passion is rising out of the deep uncounsious. Will you bring it up to the surface and bring it into being? It is up to you.